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2016 Game of Thrones Christmas Gifts


First the books, now the TV show – Game of Thrones has been a phenomenal success with a huge fan base across the globe.

What better way to surprise your Game of Thrones loving friends and family for Christmas than with some cool merchandise from their favourite show.  How about a Khaleesi POP! Vinyl figure, a mug, a T-shirt or even a print of their favourite house.  Either way, you sure to find the perfect Christmas present by clicking our link below.

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2015 Doctor Who Christmas Gifts


What better way is there to spoil a Doctor Who enthusiast than presenting them with a  Christmas present that’s all about their favourite show.  One of the longest running sci fi shows of all time, Doctor Who is a hit with young and old.

How about a Doctor Who mug, a TARDIS apron, an automated desk defending Dalek or even a remote control K9.  Or perhaps surprise them with a POP! Vinyl of their favourite Doctor (mine are David Tennant and Jon Pertwee in case anyone is wondering).

If Docto...

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It’s Kris Kringle time

It’s that time of year again when workplaces, families, playgroup, schools and friends are planning Christmas celebrations.

Organizing a Kris Kringle is a great way to make these celebrations entertaining.  Kris Kringle is an enjoyable and engaging activity to do in not only the workplace, but with families too.  Christmas should be about fun, laughter, sharing and celebrating with people you care about.  Kris Kringle is a great way to promote a satisfying working environment for staff...

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Kris Kringle game – rules and instructions

Here’s a great variation of the Kris Kringle game.  Guaranteed to cause laughter at your next family or work Christmas party.

The game adds a new dimension to the traditional Kris Kringle as everyone gets an opportunity to swap and steal gifts from other players.  There’s lots of room for clever planning and scheming by players to ensure they get the gift they want...

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Share the gift of reading this Christmas

Let’s face it, these days kids spend way too much time in front of screens. Computers, smart phones, tablets, TV, gaming consoles – screens are everywhere.

If it’s a nice day them get them outside to soak up some vitamin D. Otherwise, for those rainy days, why not distract them with a great book from one of our recommended online book stores.

Offering a huge selection of books and a range of additional products, The Nile is a great Australian online store with a base in Sydney’s North Shore.


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