Kris Kringle game – rules and instructions

Here’s a great variation of the Kris Kringle game.  Guaranteed to cause laughter at your next family or work Christmas party.

The game adds a new dimension to the traditional Kris Kringle as everyone gets an opportunity to swap and steal gifts from other players.  There’s lots of room for clever planning and scheming by players to ensure they get the gift they want.  At the end of the game, everyone walks away with a gift and a few enjoyable battle stories to share about the how they won or lost that special gift.


Kris Kringle Step by step instructions:

  1. Agree on a price limit.
  2. Each person buys a gift to the monetary value agreed upon by the group.
  3. All parties gather around in a circle, presents piled in the middle. (Have stickers available ie colored dots or sticky notes)
  4. Pick a person to start off choosing a gift from the pile and unwrap it.
  5. Go round the circle once, so everyone has a gift.
  6. Now the fun begins!
  7. Start from the first person again, this person can either keep the gift they unwrapped or swap it with someone else.
  8. This is where the stickers come in to play. When someone swaps a gift, they put a sticker on it.
  9. Continue around the circle.
  10. Each gift can only be swapped three times. Once a gift has three stickers on it, it can no longer be swapped and that person gets to keeps the gift. They are then out of the game.
  11. It can be a real battle and loads of fun when several people are after the same gift.
  12. Keep going around the circle until the game ends
  13. The game ends when gifts can’t be swapped any more or when people are satisfied with the gift they have chosen.
  14. Try it out and see how much fun and laughter you have when playing this game.