Earn a little extra cash for your Christmas spending

Cryptocurrency is taking the internet by storm and might be an easy way for you to earn extra cash for your Christmas spending.

Below we’ve outlined a few easy steps to earn extra cash without the need to invest a cent of real money.  All you need is a web browser and 15 minutes per day.

Step 1:  EOBOT

EOBOT is a free online mining site where you can mine crypto coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Monero for free.

Sign up for an EOBOT account here

Step 2: Set EOBOT to mine GHS

Before we can mine crypto coins, we first need to build up our mining power.  With EOBOT this is done by increasing the Cloud Mining Power or GHS 4.0

Near the top left corner, click the drop down box labelled  “Mining” and set it to GHS 4.0.

This instructs EOBOT to mine Cloud Mining Power.

Step 3: EOBOT Faucet

Once signed up, and logged into your new EOBOT account, click “Products” from the menu then “Faucet”.
A Faucet in the crypto currency is a site or webpage which gives you free crypto coins for viewing an advert.
With the EOBOT Faucet, you just need to wait a few moments for text to be displayed similar to below then key it and click “Get Faucet Reward”

Congratulations you’ve now earned your first crypto reward.

Now return to the EOBOT Accounts page and you’ll see your Cloud Mining starting to slowly increase and the little more you’ve picked up from the Faucet is continuously reinvested.

You can return to the Faucet each day to further increase your Cloud Ming power

Step 4 : External Faucets

We can further increase out Cloud Mining power by earning extra crypto coins from external Faucets

There are hundreds of Faucets available.  We’ve found most to be a waste of time as it takes too long to build up any worthwhile revenue.

Once group of Faucets we do like are set of 4 which all pool together making it easier and faster to build up coins

You’ll need to click each link below and create and an account using the same email address each time:

  • CoinPot – the central pool where coins from the 4 faucets below will gather
  • BitFun – a great faucet which pays a good level of bitcoin each 15 mins
  • Moon Bitcoin – pays in increasing amount of Bitcoin for each continuous day you visit
  • Moon Dodge coin – pays in increasing amount of Dodge coin for each continuous day you visit
  • Moon Litecoin – pays in increasing amount of Litecoin for each continuous day you visit